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Old Pontoon Boat to Beautiful Tiny Home Boat - Build Story


We were able to have a local client partner with us with this idea to create a beautiful floatable pontoon boat complete with bathroom, deck, bed and kitchenette.

This is going to be a difficult build because one: there are holes in the boats, there are old wasps nests and most importantly, we are concerned with the weight capacity.

Everything was in pretty bad condition- rotting wood, actual moss growing where the carpet had been, cracked siding. This is going to be fun!

This is a double pontoon, but we are currently researching a third pontoon that can help stabilize the weight.

We only have a 2,000 weight max, plus only 20 feet of actual deck and ONE month to pull this off!

Our children are going to be helping out daily- for their homeschooling time, so be prepared to see them often!

We are looking for forward to doing more simple and easy builds like this for future businesses, glampers and more!

Want to talk to us about your glamping wagon dream?

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