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Custom Glamping Wagon Shell Only build Story

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

We were so honored to be able to partner with a local business The Cosmo Gypsy, or you can follow them here on instagram. They Have a mission for "Curated bohemian style from one Cosmo Gypsy to another. Searching the world for eclectic items to fit your Gypsy lifestyle."

They wanted a model similar to our own model (shown here), but they wanted to have it be under 2,000 lbs to be hauled by a Jeep Wrangler sized vehicle. The client wanted a "shell" or a base level model so that they could add their own flair, decor, siding, shutters and more for future use.

We can't wait to see what decor items and paint colors will be put on this amazing little 60 square foot wagon on wheels.

We got right to work, taking off the back metal porch, taking off dozens of pounds of weight in the process.

Our curved roof is the trickiest part of the design process- with us having to hand-drawn a curve that would allow for just the right cut (if we get it wrong, then we have to completely redo the materials!)

We, Andrew and Christal Marshall Own Nomad Earth and each piece is loving made by our family and occasionally some of our friends and other family members. Being hand-made and hand-designed at our home studio is a big part of our mission statement and a HUGE reason why we are able to stay home and homeschool our 3 kids!

We wanted to be able to put a little bit more space in the camper, so we extended the walls over the wheel well.

Each wall had to measured and designed by hand for electrical, window placement and more.

We were excited to put a huge window in the back- a window that can be opened for a small AC unit for future festivals and marketing meet-ups.

We actually built our custom workshop with tiny glamping wagons- everything from the size of the floor to the ceiling height was a factor to make sure that every wagon had full coverage and care being built by hand.

The ceiling has a height of 7.5 feet for that "big" feel in a tiny space for doing makeup, selling products, or getting dressed after a festival- whatever the client needs for their business!

Today we did some insulation foam shooting and waterproofing experientation with the roofing

We want to make sure everything is water sealed before we put this thing on the road and take it to various events. The worst feeling would be sleeping during a rainstorm and then having a water fall all over your Head and ruining all your inventory!

we quality-control every single item that comes to our shop to make sure everything is tightened, screwed and we even do a test drive before we give it to a client.

So excited to get our interior walls up today!

We are finally getting the wagon to look like more of our vision, then a bunch of pieces.

The walls had to be precisely measured (making room for outlets) and cut exactly to match the pattern of the exterior walls. One mid-cut could waste material and throw off The Whole look!

So excited about us going on a trip to Puerto Rico soon!

So we are on last day of this project for now until we finish it when we come back!

so much detail work and HOURS of measuring and cutting happens in this phase.

It’s a lot of sticking with it, pushing through the heat, keeping your head focused and fueling your mind and spirit to keep it sharp!

All the little imperfections you see now will be hidden with more detail work and trim… three day of meticulous measuring and cutting are coming your way… and that’s where the magic happens- where something rough blooms into something beautiful.

We are so excited about the bed frame and the flooring going in!

The Flooring was reclaimed from another job that was going to be thrown away. When we can- we try to have a reclaimed element in our work- to save materials from landfills.

The client wanted something tall enough that would be able to fit her travel cargo, but small enough to have a custom table come out and serve her guests!

She also wanted a twin mattress to fit and a permanent spot for sleeping on-the-go.

That’s why the headspace had to be high so that she wakes up not feeling closed-in but feeling of a beautiful outdoor cabin!

We are so excited to get the final touches done on this beautiful wagon. The trim really brings it all together. Every piece is unique- hand-cut and measured. Every flaw is carefully sanded and cut down.

The door was the most original part- we cut a diamond-shaped window into the top dutch door. We couldn't find a door that fits perfectly into that spot that was hollow (to fit the custom doorknob), so we had to made it from various sizes and textures of wood to match the front and the back of the siding.

The windows are all set and framed with farmhouse style wood- to give to a minimalistic, yet hand-made style to fit the overall aesthetic.

We are going to be tested the vehicle, driving it around town, and even doing another round of waterproofing testing before handing it over to our client within the last week.

We are looking for forward to doing more simple and easy builds like this for future businesses, glampers and more!

Want to talk to us about your glamping wagon dream?

Let's connect:

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