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vintage horse trailers

edited horse trailer 2023_-29.jpg

Want us to renovate a tiny vintage
horse trailer FOR YOU?

Can be used as a food truck, mobile photo studio, glamping wagon, she-shed, guest house or man cave!

scroll through to
see our final images

the shell is a blank canvas for your wedding venue, brewery food truck or mobile business

Ask about custom cabinetry, colors, and led tracking lighting

hand-crafted in Chesapeake, VA 

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After researching RVs for their family, any thing beautifully designed were few and far between. Most RV's were made of cheap materials. Being a home remodeler, Andrew started doing research on combining RV mobility with tiny home design and NOMAD EARTH DESIGN was born. 


living the #vanlife? or want to?

Let us build you the mobile tiny home of your dreams or refurbish one that you already have

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