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Want us to build a tiny bathroom wagon FOR YOU?

No more port-a-potties for your wedding venue or outdoor event spot.


Can be used at a venue for farms and other seasonal events to better serve your clients' hygiene needs

scroll through to
see our final images and see what's included in our price

trailer is 5x8

under 2,000 lbs- can be hauled by a suv or a smaller vehicle with a hitch and certain haul capacity

shells are NOT insulated, they are NOT painted- the shell is a blank canvas.

hand-crafted in Chesapeake, VA 

Want to add on features?

Want extra windows?

Want a split door?

We love providing great features all made and crafted by hand. 

see our making process here at our home studio in Chesapeake, VA

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After researching RVs for their family, any thing beautifully designed were few and far between. Most RV's were made of cheap materials. Being a home remodeler, Andrew started doing research on combining RV mobility with tiny home design and NOMAD EARTH DESIGN was born. 


living the #vanlife? or want to?

Let us build you the mobile tiny home of your dreams or refurbish one that you already have

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