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What's the difference between us and other companies

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

We got asked recently “What makes us different than other companies?”

This is the difference- this is 8:30 PM on a Friday night at Home Depot (notice no one is in the store) - with our measuring tape- hand selecting, inspecting and measuring every single piece of wood that we put in our cart.

We know that every single cut is going to cost time, money and energy to fix- so we have to double and triple check our math before every cut is made.

The difference is at 5:30 in the morning- we are up- sketching plans, getting mentally prepared and focused for the day.

We are disciplined to get to bed by 9:30 or 1030 every night- knowing that we have to get up and be refreshed and ready for the day.

We aren’t going to shuffle into work- sleeping past our alarm last minute with frazzled half-done plans

Every single time we show up to a job- we are focused, ready and dependable.

While everyone is out doing things on a Friday night- we are putting in the hours and the time to make sure we have the right supplies.

We aren’t just showing up to do a job and clock out- we are business owners- willing to do what no one else is doing- putting in the time.

The difference is that this isn’t just a job- it’s literally how we are providing for our family- so every minute matters.

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