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Where it all started.

It started with one tool box in 2008 as a wedding present.

Slowly, throughout the years, tools started to accumulating in closets, attics and storage area- filling up nooks and crannies in our little apartments.

We started with fixing our own house and creating things during nights and weekends.

In 2020, we were finally ready to make creativity and workmanship our full-time business.

But we had no truck or trailer to carry our tools and equipment. But because of the help of our community and God, we were able to acquire a truck, trailers and more equipment to provide extended services in the midst of the pandemic.

We are so grateful to those around us that have shared our posts, recommended us, dropped off reclaimed supplies, given us leads on materials and babysat our children.

It really takes a village to run a family business.

13 years ago, we had no idea that one tool box given as a gift would ultimately provide for our future family. We had no idea that us making things and messing around with reclaimed materials when we were 25 would launch another business.

Don‘t look down on your dream now as a young person. Learn all you can in this season. Practice, fail, retry and restart. Take chances. Make mistakes, learn from them. You never know what can happen years later.

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