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No more hauling bulky business cards!!

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Want an awesome tip for making and sharing a custom QR code business sticker or card?

No more bulky business cards that you need to haul!

Want an awesome and unique way for people to connect with you online with just a tap?

Tappy ( has an awesome and expensive business card version ($35.00!)

You can snazz it up with custom stickers from as well.

With your custom QR code for your site, IG or event site or custom link in bio page.

For a cheaper DIY VERSION

Go to to get your FREE custom designed QR code. You can also manage the link and analytics of your code!

Print off at your home printer or use sticker vinyl printer or your cricket to stick on your car, water bottle, wallet, camera case, shirt or more!

for a completely FREE version with no membership included:

Save this quick small business tip for making free QR code’s for your company’s merchandise and branding

Go to

✅save as a png, jpeg or school file to your favorite URL, sms card, IG account and more

✅ print off on your computer on card stock, sticker, paper, vinyl, iron on transfer and more…


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