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Olympian’s aren’t made at the Olympics

Olympian’s are not made at the Olympics.

They are made in the early mornings, the late nights- years of hard work- the sweat, the soreness, the tears, the empty gyms with no spectators.

They are made in the sacrifice of saying “no” to things that could get them off course and “yes” to things that get them closer to their goals.

Olympians are made in years of obscurity, practices at 4:30 AM, drills, fundamentals and muscle memory.

Medals are won with that millasecond of a difference in time, one inch difference in height, one pound difference in weight.

It’s daily choices, daily decisions, daily sacrifices that make you or break you.

Start your Olympic training NOW- today. Take those steps. Get up 30 minutes early. Organize your time to make your goals a priority.

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