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It’s all worth it.

Homeschooling was never apart of our plan in 2012 when we moved here from MD with our first.

But after making our entire life around it- fully committing to it- having Christal sacrifice her career for it over the last 10 years for it- we are too far to turn back now.

There are ups and downs.

Handling emotions daily. Talking through life daily.

Sacrifice daily. Crying, hugging, sharing, laughing, learning- daily. Apologies and starting over- daily.

But nothing worth while is ever easy.

It’s worth it to be involved in every detail.

It’s worth it to be able to travel whenever and however.

It’s worth it to be able to try, fail, learn something different, watch a documentary or visit a museum on a random Tuesday.

It’s worth it to spends HOURS at a bookshop just reading.

It’s worth it to hug it out and talk through and role play after having a fight.

It’s worth it to talk through alternatives when we are angry.

Don’t want to have messes?

Don’t homeschool.

Don’t want to deal with emotions and meltdowns daily? Don’ t homeschool.

Don’t want to sacrifice your time, your body, your career daily? Don’t homeschool.

Want personal space and a sensory overload free environment? Don’t homeschool!

But when our kids have a great relationship with us and with others- making a positive difference in the world- being kind humans when they grow up- that’s our success!

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