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Don’t quit

🎉📖Are you tempted to quit your new year’s resolution?


“The second Friday in January is known as Quitters Day as it is the most likely day for people to give up on their new year resolutions.

Many people take the opportunity of the new year to make resolutions. According to a survey by ComRes, the most common New Year's resolutions included exercise more (38%), lose weight (33%) and eat more healthily (32%).” (Source

🗓💪Whatever you need to do to fight back, restart your goals and learn from failures- do that!

✅Waste no time. The 30 minutes that you’re scrolling on your phone you could be forming healthy habits of doing constructive things like building your business, researching, reading, meditating, strengthening your spiritual health, taking a walk outside, exercising, meal planning or writing down your goals.

✅ when you’re in the car - instead of listening to the news or getting distracted on music, downdownload some helpful podcasts so that you can educate yourself, learn a new skill or practice a new language even.

✅Wanting to be more productive? Use your time wisely with taking off the distractions of your phone, putting your phone on “do not disturb”or airplane mode so that you can have complete focus. Set a timer so that you know when that timer is on you’re not scrolling, looking at distracting videos and you are getting your goals accomplished.

✅Wanting to live a healthier lifestyle? Make small changes in your daily routine overtime. Don’t run to a fad smoothie only diet that’s not sustainable. Switch to higher protein yogurt, add a protein shake to your morning coffee, wake up an extra 30 minutes early before work and take a walk, prep your lunch before hand and bring water bottles so that you are prepared for the day.

🗓🗓Let’s hear are some of your suggestions and how you keep going strong and don’t quit this month!

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