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our process

we can't wait to show you some more images and videos of us working and living our dream


it all starts with a  man with a plan

after months of research, planning and budgeting, we are ready to build something beautiful and practical for our family adventures

using online resources, real paper books and smarts from school, Andrew and Christal are literally building a dream


getting the right trailer

We chose a one-axel trailer for our first build because of weight restrictions. If all five of us can fit in a 8x10 trailer, then we can still pull it with a minivan and be able to travel easier. A double axel trailer would make it double the cost and weight. 

supplies and shopping

Gathering supplies from local hardware stores, consignment shops and more. Since the tiny home will be so lightweight, we have to be aware of putting particular wood and fixtures onto it without factoring the weight into our calculations. 


making the components

We chose a gypsy style arched roof for our build because of the aesthetic, the high ceiling and the ability to fit all five of us in a small space with storage. 


front and back walls

It's finally ready to take shape. We have two walls up and now we can make the roof! 

We played around with the idea of doing siding. But when we discovered the Ancient Japanese Art of Burning, then we loved the result! 


making the doors and panels

Roofing and framing are coming together nicely.

Cutting a custom door is going to be key to keep

the weight down and not use a standard door. 

Porch was created custom with a 4 feet overhang and the trailer ramp to create an outdoor sitting area. 

framing the walls

Putting the frame up took three people this time!


Andrew's dad joined the fun and helped us make sure that everything was cut precisely ly and level.


Every cut matters, so we had to make sure that the skeleton was properly in place for the walls. 


roofing skeleton

Framing the roof with custom created "ribs" as we call them. Each piece had to be heated to 700 degrees with a heat gun for 10 minutes before bending the wood. 

Roofing is about to go on! 


putting in the roofing and the windows

We are almost done with all the major exterior parts right now. We still have to insulate and put on the siding (made of reclaimed fencing!) 

We are now 40 hours into this project and we love how it's coming together! 


siding time!

Each piece was from reclaimed fencing and hand burned with a torch to keep it from weather and create beautiful patterns

insulation and electrical

so excited about finally doing the interior and putting in the "guts" of the project! 


putting in the walls

The wood we used is usually made for under tile jobs- not to be seen usually on jobs. I love how we were able to see the beautiful imperfections and make it a statement piece inside! (22).gif

interior walls and countertop

Interior panels were thinner chpboard like material used for under tile, but super light weight and already covered in poly to prevent damage.

The counter top is a slim butcher block with multiwood grain.

hinging counter and kitchenette install

Handpainted bowl and tiles tied the themed of boho wagon together nicely. A hinged counter is perfect for a small space. (32).gif

hitch it up and roll out!

We were able to keep the weight under the max limit for a single axle trailer- 3100 lbs! So a pickup can haul it! (41).gif

See our mini tour!

Want us to build one for you? (40).gif

Want us to build a tiny cAMPER home FOR YOU?

Great idea for a mobile photo studio, a guest house, a she-shed, a man cave, a food truck or even a glamping wagon

starting at $12,500

Green Leaves

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