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Success 101

Never be afraid of failure- be afraid of staying in the same place.

Consistency is the name of the name- little changes I we time-little goals added up turns into bigger milestones met.

It’s about waking up every single day putting in the work and staying focused no matter what.

It’s about laying your head down at your pillow at night, and satisfied with the work that you’ve put in that day-knowing that you could’ve obviously done more and said more, but being also happy and fulfilled with what you have accomplished.

Everything has a season, some days you feel on top of the world, other days you feel like giving up. This is completely normal!

Change up the pace, take a walk, seek solitude, recharge and refuel- you might have to change direction but never stop.

Pause, rethink and take breaks often and don’t worry about the monster of productivity. He will consume your heart and soul.

Set timers to stay focused daily and what you can accomplish during that time is all you got done.

Schedule play, just like you schedule anything else. Even if you don’t feel like it, even if you feel like you’re not getting your work done- or the guilt that it would take away from your goals.

But little respites throughout the day is an internationally accepted practice in many countries, where they are more fulfilled emotionally and have more meaningful relationships. Some countries you get paid double to take vacations because they know how productive and grounded you will be when you return.

Take mini vacations daily, even if it’s a 10 minute quiet in the car before a crazy day, even if it’s enjoying your cup of hot coffee in the morning in quiet.

Your work and your monetary wealth does not determine your value. You are an artist and a creative whether or not other people think so. Your follower account doesn’t determine your value. Your amount of checklist that you fulfill today does not determine your value.

Cuddling with a sick child might not pass on a résumé, but that child will have memories and attachments that were last their entire life. Just because most of the work that you do is unseen, does not mean it’s not valuable and not needed in this world.

If you must, print out these affirmations and save them to yourself daily so that you can be reminded of your value, your worth and how much your love changes this broken world!

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