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Want us to build a tiny cAMPER home FOR YOU?

Can be used as a food truck, mobile photo studio, glamping wagon, she-shed, guest house or man cave! 

starting at $12,500


scroll through to

see our final images

Can be used as a food truck, mobile photo studio, glamping wagon, she-shed, guest house or man cave! 

Want more info?

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Tiny kitchenettes

Ask about adding water hookups, pump sink, cassette toilet and more!

add your own propane stove to our pop-out style counter top


Wood paneling that you can paint any color

Ask about your insulation options for those cold nights!

electrical plugs and outlets are also available.  Contact us for more info!


Custom color siding

Want it burned liked ours, or want a specific color?

Looking for it to match with your vision?


Have particular weight specifications for hauling? 

We would love to talk to you about a custom trailer size to fit your needs. 

We were about to fit a family of 5 in a 8x10 trailer using removable bunk beds that fold up, so it can be done! 

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Want to see more of our process?

hop over to our page that show you behind-the-scenes of how we built ours!

or of course, follow us on instagram to see more footage! 


every wagon from us is hand-made

by our family

at our family studio

using ancient Japanese 

wood burning techniques

(if you choose to have this feature)

ready to get your free consult?



After researching RVs for their family, any thing beautifully designed were few and far between. Most RV's were made of cheap materials. Being a home remodeler, Andrew started doing research on combining RV mobility with tiny home design and NOMAD EARTH DESIGN was born. 


living the #vanlife? or want to?

Let us build you the mobile tiny home of your dreams or refurbish one that you already have

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